Fox Promotes “Surge Is Working” Lie Campaign

The “Surge is Working” campaign of lies kicked into gear in mid-July with propaganda appearances by military figures, Administration officials, and pliable Congressmen. Conservative-controlled media organizations also have their marching orders.

Fox today:

WASHINGTON —  It is up to the Iraqi parliament and public to determine the fate of the government led by Nouri al-Maliki, President Bush said Tuesday, responding to calls by war critics who now acknowledge the military surge in Iraq is working but say the prime minister must go.

The campaign is somewhat remarkable for its brazenness, since, in fact, the surge is failing, and there is absolutely nothing behind the entire campaign. It’s not necessary to have access to classified information; casual perusal of the newspapers makes it clear that the surge is having no more than a negligible effect on security for Iraqis. And, of course, it has not resulted in any political progress: Iraq is still in the midst of civil war, and the Iraqi government remains a powerless fiction.

In Iraq today:

Sunni Arab extremists were suspected in the afternoon kidnapping of Samir Salim Attar, the deputy minister for science and technology. He and five bodyguards were abducted in Baghdad by armed men who intercepted Attar’s heavily defended convoy.

Recent assassinations and kidnappings have coincided with a burst of attacks in Baghdad and central Iraq that have killed dozens of civilians in recent days. On Monday, five people died in a car bombing in the capital’s Sadr City neighborhood. A motorcycle bomb killed two Iraqis at central Baghdad’s Shorja Market.

A roadside bomb detonated when an Iraqi army patrol passed in Mafraq, near Samarra, killing four soldiers and provoking retaliatory gunfire that killed four nearby civilians. In Ad Dawr, a Sunni city near Samarra, four carloads of gunmen attacked the head of the tribal defense force, killing two guards.


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