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David Brooks: Liberty vs. power VS. security -> freedom

Amazingly, Brooks has a good column today. He thinks the GOP needs to abandon the legacies of Goldwater and Reagan, because the anti-statist, “liberty vs. power” worldview is no longer relevant in the decentralized post-cold war world, where the chief threats come from devolution and chaos and security — be it security from violence, secure access to health care, what have you — is a prerequisite for freedom.

I have nothing to add. Read the column. It’s good. I can’t believe I’m saying this.


Brooks: Got This Here Giuliani I’d Like to Sell You

David Brooks, with his usual perspicacity, advances the proposition that the American people must decide whether they want leaders who are honest idiots, or leaders who are clever liars. Because he has been to see a movie recently, he believes this question has something to do with the Battle of Thermopylae.

When we Americans pick a leader, we usually look for the Leonidas type: direct, faithful and upright. We usually pick someone we hope is uplifting. Especially since Watergate, Americans have sought presidents uncorrupted by capital intrigue…But I wonder if this will be the election in which voters seek out a Themistocles, an election in which they put aside dreams of finding somebody pure and good, and select somebody they think will be wily and effective.

Hm. On the other hand, what if we tried exchanging our current leader, who is a lying idiot, for somebody smart and honest? Several candidates come to mind, though none who happen to be Republicans.